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The resources and articles below are provided by many of our colleagues and professional associates around the country.  You may find these helpful to organize your own financial life.  Adult children and relatives might use these to begin difficult discussions with loved ones.   And, our professional colleagues find these to be useful resources to your clients.  If you have a resource, article, checklist, or other document you'd like us to share, please reach out to us at

Three Reasons to Organize Your Finances, and Where to Start

An excellent resource from Barbara Boustead, a board member of our national professional association AADMM. Barbara shares some great strategies that everyone can use!  Read more here.

Older Adults and
Driving Safely

Driving is one of the most important sources of independence for older adults. As we age, our driving ability changes and eventually diminishes. This article describes ways to create an ongoing partnership with elder family members in order to help keep them safe on the road, keep their driving skills as sharp as possible and help them make the decision to stop driving at the appropriate time. From our colleagues at Merrill Lynch.

Where to Turn

 A resource guide to connect you with local services & living options 

Provided by the experts at Senior Living Advisors 

Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage

Knowing the answers to these 5 crucial questions can help you decide if Original Medicare is the right choice from you. Which path you take will determine how you get your medical care — and how much it costs.  Read more here.

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